Meet The Candidates

The Gilbert Chamber endorses candidates based on the number of seats available in each race. The endorsement committee was impressed with the quality of candidates running this election cycle. Candidates were rated on the following:

  • Past and current community leadership and engagement;
  • Experience with management of complex budgets;
  • Understanding and support of a pro-business environment;
  • Ability to represent the community in a professional manner;
  • Willingness to work with the Gilbert Chamber on policies and issues impacting Gilbert’s business environment; and
  • Incumbents’ voting record with the Gilbert Chamber and the EVCCA, if applicable.

While there were outstanding newcomers to the races, the Chamber considered the benefit of historic knowledge and long-time relationships in addition to the items noted above. The incumbents were also ranked on whether they proactively ran bills for the EVCCA and Chamber, along with supporting the Chamber’s public policy priorities as issues were presented for a vote

2018 Voter's Guide

Chamber Endorsements

Legislative District 12:

Eddie Farnsworth (Senate)

Travis Grantham (House)

Warren Petersen (House)

Legislative District 12

Legislative District 17:

JD Mesnard (Senate)

Nora Ellen (House)

Jeff Weninger (House)

Legislative District 17

Congressional District 5:

Andy Biggs

Congressional Dist. 5

Arizona State Governor:

Doug Ducey