Voter Poll Released Today - Voters Prioritize Education Over Politics

Education Forward Arizona has partnered with the Center for the Future of Arizona to go deeper on education issues, as a part of the Arizona Voters’ Agenda they released last week.

The results from the poll show:

  • The most pressing issues facing education in Arizona
  • The top issues that voters prioritize
  • The issues voters DO NOT support
  • What issues they want candidates to discuss
  • What voters value

The results show strong support for ensuring every classroom has a great teacher, increasing teacher pay, increasing school funding, and providing more opportunities for CTE, among other priorities. The data also show strong support for increasing education attainment, increasing proficiency in math and reading, providing scholarships for low-income students, and giving additional funding for low-income schools.

We also asked voters how they would spend $1B to support education and whether they’d prefer to spend the surplus on education, a tax cut or other issues.

You can find the poll results on our website and in our blog.