Lynne King Smith and Braelyn Smith Share Expertise at GEM Talk

The GEM Talk presented by the Small Business Council and Emily Evans, Small Business Specialist, Enhanced Benefits highlighted Lynne King Smith, owner of Ticketforce and her daughter; Braelyn Smith, Director of Thrive CoWorking for Women.

Lynne shared her expertise gained with 16 years in business and the mainstay for keeping the passion “keep a fire in your belly, you have to want it and do the work necessary to get it.” She also shared what it meant to surround yourself with good people who give you the confidence to let go of some control.

Braelyn being new to business as a recent graduate of U of A, but not new to hard work; grew up in a home surround by her parent entrepreneurs. Her mom is her mentor and biggest cheerleader. The best advise she would give Lynne, as a millennial, is to “not be afraid of change.” There is so much to learn from the younger generation who have a new and innovative way of thinking.

Watch for the next GEM Talk featuring Jasmine Holmes, owner of 910 West on May 2nd!