Gilbert Chamber Referral Team Quarterly Update

It's all about relationships! The Gilbert Chamber's Referral Teams are formed by local business owners and employees, with no more than one member from any given industry. The goal of each team (5 teams) is to help generate business referrals for others within the group.

The system is ideal for both new businesses working to establish themselves and for established businesses looking to expand and generate new contacts.

Eligibility: Represented businesses must hold a Gilbert Chamber membership at or above the Business Level, provide regular and valid business referrals, and adhere to the Referral Team guidelines.

Last quarter, from July 1st through September 30th, 2022, our five referral teams have been working hard at building those relationships with one another. The Chamber launched its new Referral Team Recognition Program on July 1st, and we have our first winners to announce. This program is helping our businesses to really strive for and achieve excellence! The combined total for the amount of closed business received within all five teams for the last quarter was $2,485,008! We have shown quarter over quarter, that the more time you spend on getting to know your teammates outside of the weekly meeting, the more warm introduction referral is given out to one another. Here in Gilbert it truly is all about relationships!

Referral Team Recognition Program WINNERS

Top Team - The winner for the Chamber's first fiscal year quarter is the Wednesday 9am Rockstars. They had 403 one-on-one get to know you meetings this last quarter.

Businesses in the Wednesday 9 am Rockstar Referral Team:

Arizona Cantilena Chorale, Bud Biz Broker, CarLife Gilbert, DB Creative Design, Dream Vacations - Karen Coleman-Ostrov, Edified Chiropractic, Elaine Kessler Photography, Ensign Financial Partners, LLC, Firehouse Pest Control Services, Gateway Restoration, Gilbert Road Self Storage, Guild Mortgage Company - Karen Camblin, Hoopes, Adams & Scharber, PLC, Isagenix - April Shaw, John's Heating and Cooling/BSJ Plumbing, JPs Comedy Club, Melanie Nemetz Team-Keller Williams Integrity First, Mr. Honey Do Services, Natural Theory Health & Wellness, Printwerx, Simply Ravishing The Salon, The Arizona Group, Universal Paper Shredding Services

Top Giver - The winner is Karen Coleman-Ostrov Owner of Dream Vacations for giving 29 outside referrals last quarter to her teammates.

Top Networker - The winner is Bug Rago Owner of Broker for Bud Biz Broker for having 32 one-on-one get-to-know-you meetings last quarter.

PURPOSE of Recognition Program: To encourage and retain members of a referral team, and to help to inspire members to meet regularly and create business relationships.


TOP GIVER – Most OUTSIDE referrals GIVEN to teammates in one quarter across all five teams (individual)

TOP NETWORKER - Most ONE-ON-ONES had with teammates in one quarter across all five teams (individual)

TOP TEAM - Most ONE-ON-ONES as a team had with teammates in one quarter across all five teams (team) To learn more about our Referral Teams, and to see if your business is eligible to join a team, email

To connect with any of these businesses directly that have received this recognition, you can find their contact information in our business directory by searching their business name. Follow the link below to our directory.

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