GILBERT – In the interest of identifying pro-business candidates, the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce has issued letter grades to candidates in the races for Gilbert Town Council, Legislative Districts 13 and 14, and Congressional District 5, and has published the written and video responses of each candidate. The organization’s letter grades are as follows:

Gilbert Town Council

Yung Koprowski – A+
Scott September – A
Bill Spence – A
Chuck Bongiovanni – B
Bus Obayomi – B
Michael Clark – C
Jim Torgeson – C
Mario Chicas – C
Bobbi Buchli – C

Legislative District 13

Ron Hardin (House) – A
Jennifer Pawlik (House) – A
Josh Askey (House) – B
Liz Harris (House) – C

The following candidates did not participate in the process: SENATE: JD Mesnard, Michael Morris, and Cynthia Hans. HOUSE: Julie Willoughby and Don Maes.

Legislative District 14

Natalie DiBernardo (House) – B
Suzanne Lunt (House) – B

The following candidates did not participate in the process: SENATE: Warren Petersen. HOUSE: Travis Grantham, Laurin Hendrix, Brandy Reese.

Congressional District 5

Andy Biggs – A+
Clint Smith – B

Javier Ramos did not participate in the process.

“We recognize the need for well-rounded, knowledgeable elected leaders,” said Sarah Watts, president and CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. “While voters take many different issues into consideration, we are hopeful that the wellbeing and prosperity of our business community is one such consideration. By issuing letter grades, voters can easily see how each candidate aligns with the priorities of the Chamber.”

Candidates running for Gilbert Town Council, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors District 2, AZ Legislative Districts 13 and 14, and US Congressional District 5 were invited to participate in the evaluation process by submitting both written and video responses.

Members of both the Board of Directors and Public Policy Committee submitted scoresheets to evaluate participating candidates. These volunteers ranked each candidate on criteria including past and current community leadership and engagement; experience with management of complex budgets; understanding and support of a pro-business environment including experience with dealing with regulation overreach; ability to represent the community in a professional manner; and the willingness to work with the Gilbert Chamber on policies and issues having significant impact on Gilbert’s business environment. If an incumbent, the candidate’s voting record was also considered.

Candidate responses, both video and written, have been published on the Chamber’s website at

“In this election, voters should feel empowered by the resources and information at their fingertips,” Watts said. “We have published all candidate responses, both video and written, on our website. We’ve also included the evaluation worksheet which our volunteers used so that voters can review these resources and evaluate for themselves each candidate.”