Danny Court, Elliot Pollack & Company, Provides Information Regarding the Economic Cycles and What to Expect in the Near Future.

Danny Court, Elliot Pollack & company, provided information regarding the economic cycles and what to expect in the near future. This period of economic recovery from the recession has been a period of slower and more moderate growth than experienced in Arizona’s history. The GDP has been lowered to 2.90% this year and next year’s forecast is 1.89%. He felt a trade war is unlikely but the threats of such has caused rippling effects deep into the economy and even with smaller businesses. Consumer confidence declined during the government shutdown but has risen since reopening; however, the same could occur if another shutdown happens. Manufacturing is noted as the #2 highest percentage of job creation with construction jobs coming in as #1. However, manufacturers are #1 in the category of serving as an economic driver. Danny's presentation is available online.

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