Chamber and Town Leaders Successful in Reducing Proposed Fees on New Businesses

Special thanks to Mayor Daniels and Councilmembers along with Town staff for meeting with the Chamber’s Public Policy and Board members regarding the recent public process to update System Development Fees for new development within the community. Many of the Chamber’s member stakeholders from small to large businesses were represented in these discussions including developers, bankers, and realtors to best understand the impact of increased fees and the potential chilling effect it may have on economic growth. We are fortunate to have pro-business elected officials who appreciate the feedback these stakeholders provided and under Mayor Daniel’s leadership was able to reduce the impact by 42% which is significant to all sized businesses. On an historic note, the Chamber was instrumental in the early phases of implementing a :growth pays for growth model” as System Development Fees were first introduced and has continued to be engaged in these discussions over the years. Thank you to all the businesses who participated in this very important discussion.